Based in Sunny Scotland

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September 16th, 2011


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Dead Pixels



We're games studio a games studio run and founded by one delusional fool that thinks he can make good games.


In the beginning...

CSR-Studios started life as a hobby/attempt to learn game programming/way to build up a CV. During those early days John Common (AKA CantStrafeRight) produced forgettable, unloved classics like Last Line of Defence, and Break the Invaders, as well as a series of unrealised games including In the Land of the blind, and Arena 2010.

And then....

In 2011 feeling that he wanted to separate himself from his games, John started using the name CSR-Studios. During this time, development started on a zombie game by the name of 8-Bit Zombie Sim, which went on to become Dead Pixels. Dead Pixels was released in September of 2011 to a lot of praise that pushed CSR-Studios into the spotlight. Now CSR-Studios is bringing Dead Pixels to the PC gamers, and creating a new chapter in the pixelated horror adventure.



Dead Pixels Trailer YouTube



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Awards & Recognition

  • "Game Pro's Editors Choice" - September 2011 for Dead Pixels

Selected Articles

  • "This is not only one of the best zombie games on the marketplace, but one of the best games period."
    - Indie Gamer Chick, IndieGamerChick.com
  • "[Zombies are] everywhere, crammed into every genre and storyline imaginable. So here you have an oversaturated market, and yet Mr. Common comes in and sweeps us reviewers off our jaded feet with his definitive opus on said shamblers, a homage to past horror games and grindhouse flicks."
    - Tim Hurley, Gear Fish

John Common's personal twitter.
You can find John Common's personal Twitter acount here at twitter.com.

Team & Repeating Collaborators

John Common
Artist, Coder, Maker of Tea.

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